Against this world 對抗世界


Take my hands , 握緊我的雙手
The bleeding heart will never stop us to move on… 淌血的心也沒有辦法阻止我們前進
Please don’t wait 請別再等待
It’s not suppose to be regret , we’ll all die young… 人生苦短…不應該有所遺憾…
Make the cut 割劃那道傷痕
It makes me insane , out of control! I’m self-distruction 一切都讓我發瘋..失去控制…自我毀滅
Taste the pain… 品嚐那種痛處
I’m not afraid to bleed…coz I am strong! 我不害怕流血 因為我很堅強

All this pressure made my anger.. 所有的壓力都造成我的忿怒!
Is living just like suicide? S U I C I D E!! 活著是不是就如同自殺一般? 如同自殺一般?

I will fight for what I’m believing in (believing in) 我會為了我的信念去奮鬥
I could give my heart and soul… 我願意付出我的心與靈魂
Just stay with me! let’s (five) against this world! 就陪在我身邊吧!讓我們(五個)對抗這世界
Will you dream what I dream for? 你(們)會不會跟我做一樣的夢?

Even there is a bullet to my head 即使子彈射向我的腦袋
But the hero’s time will never end 但英雄的時代卻是永遠不會終結
Pull the trigger…never be afraid!! 扣下板機吧!不再害怕!
Pull the trigger…never be afraid!! 扣下板機吧!不再害怕!

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