Feel the pain… feel sorrow… feel the scar deeply inside! 感受那份痛苦 感受那份悲傷 感受內心最深的傷疤
Make me mad! make me sad! everything won’t be alright…. 讓我忿怒 讓我難過 一切的一切都不會更好的
Life is fast… live and die… so frantic, time has gone by 人生苦短 生與死 時光飛逝 如此的狂亂
So stupid! so panic! not stronger enough to face that 多麼的愚蠢 多麼的驚慌 不夠堅強去面對

I wish that I can face it on my own! But 我希望我可以一個人去面對 但
All the truth has made me sad, 所有的現實都讓我心傷
All the promise has made me mad…. 所有的承諾都讓我生氣
I hope that it’s easy to make it through! 我希望這一切不會這麼難去平復
I’m sorry I have gave up, 對不起..我放棄了
I don’t wanna get me down…. 我也不希望讓我自己如此失落

I’m sorry! I lost myself 對不起 我迷失了我自己
But it won’t change me 但這決對不會改變我
I’m still who I am… 我依然還是最初那個我
So angry! Disapoint myself 如此的忿怒 對我自己失望
Confuse me 困惑著我
It wont be able to tell…. 但這一切卻是說不出口

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